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Khafy is an application that helps the businesses owners or managers to evaluate and assure the quality of services, products, and employees performance by connecting the mystery shoppers with the merchants.

Khafy agent disguised as a regular customer to try out a product or service and evaluate it by answering survey questions.

Anyone can be a mystery shopper, but you must have a bank account and your age is 18 years old or above.

The profession of the mystery shopper does not require a full-time job, as you can register in the application while you are on another job.

You will be entitled to the task fee when the merchant accepts your survey that you have answered.

No, there is no limited number of the missions. You can do missions you believe that you can perform well and there is no conflict with other missions.

The survey questions are created by the merchant or Khafy application, and you must answer them all professionally and honestly. As most surveys require you to be in a specific location or experience a particular product or service.

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The Mystery Shopper is assigned a specific task – filling out a survey- that includes a set of questions in order to obtain the data you need, check the quality of the services provided, and to learn about possible development opportunities.

Khafy app makes pre-made surveys for each section based on scientific research and studies. Also, the owner of the facility can create a survey that suits him.

There is a limited number for the custom survey creation for each institution.

It will be retrieved in the wallet and you can use it for any other task.

There is no limited number of missions.

There is no limited number, you can add all your branches.

Yes, you can communicate with him after he has accepted to perform the task through the in-app chat.

Fee: The basic amount for creating the task

Expenses: The amounts that must be paid by the mystery shopper to do the task as the bill for eating or buying, and can also be used as a bonus for the mystery shopper.

If the survey requires a khafy to visit your store, khafy app guarantees that you can’t fill out the survey until the mystery shopper reaches the desired location.